1, 2, 3, Emily Bee :)

This is all about blogging things that matter to me, however small or unimportant. <3

My interests are extensive! I love love love reading and music. Movies and television are a given. Food porn is a continuous part of my day to day, as are funny gifsets. More so than anything, though, this blog is all about doing me and loving everything tumblr is and represents!
Main fandom intrigues: OUAT, Rookie Blue, One Tree Hill, Brooklyn 99, Parks, 30 Rock, Arrow, Chicago PD, Anything Austen (LBD, Emma Approved), Jane Eyre, Real Housewives of everywhere, Avengers, Sherlock, X MEN, Startrek, Robin Hood, Pretty much everything that's ever been on masterpiece classic, The Heat, Bridesmaids, Pitch Perfect. I like a lot of stuff...